4 Basic Design Elements Of a Business Logo Created Using Free Logo Maker Software

When we talk about the visual identity of a business, what comes to mind first is a logo. The logo gives an impression of your business when prospective customers land on your site. The new generation of customers is intelligent enough and can make rapid judgments about a business based on its logo. That’s why your business logo must have all the characteristics that attract prospective customers to your brand and convert them into buying customers, as well as brand evangelists. This post is going to talk about the basic design elements of a logo that shouldn’t be overlooked:


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• Your brand itself is an element that should be considered when creating a logo using free logo maker software

It’s documented widely that your logo is your visual identity, as well as a reflection of your business values and personality. That’s why you should create it with your target audience in mind. So before designing your business logo, you should know whether your brand is simple or sophisticated, feminine or masculine, high-end or economical, or classy or trendy.


• The style of the logo you intend to design using free logo maker generator

After envisioning how your logo would look (stylistic text or icon), the next step is to think about the logo style. The logo styles you should consider include Text-only (utilize stylized and unique font), Brand marks (make use symbols), letter marks (make use of initials), emblems (feature text inside symbols), and combination marks (features both symbol and text).


• Consider the font when designing logo using free logo download software

Most business owners are not professional designers, so they don’t give much thought to the different kinds of fonts they use on their logos. Technology has seen the innovation of many different types of fonts to make your logo appealing to the eye. Just like other elements of a great logo, the font you choose should reflect your brand personality. The best fonts out there to use for your logo include modern, Serif, Sans Serif, display, and script. When choosing a font for your business logo, don’t overwhelm your logo with different fonts. Don’t use more than two different fonts. Test out different font height, weights, and spacing. Ensure the font is visible when scaled up for banners, posters and TV ads or scaled down for business cards, postage stamps, flyers and other promotional materials. On top of all that, the font you choose should resonate with the entire logo design and showcase your brand qualities.


• Consider color when creating your logo using free online logo maker and download software

Most business owners are looking to create a logo for their businesses already have a primary color in mind that identifies their brands. If that sentence describes you, well and good, go ahead and implement the color on your logo. If you haven’t figured out a color, this is a critical decision you’ll have to make. Colors have a certain power to evoke feelings and emotions. And evoking feelings and emotions is one of the recipes for creating a powerful brand. When choosing a color, or colors for your logo, ensure to maintain readability. Specific color combinations can affect the readability of a logo. The color you choose should also be consistent with your brand, and this underscores the importance of knowing the meaning of different colors. For example, banks drift towards blue color because it’s a symbol of trust, honesty, authority, serenity, and intelligence.


A logo will surely have a significant impact on your online business, which is why you should accord it the time and attention it requires. Combine the tips we’ve given you above with extensive research, and you’ll be on your way to creating a logo that is both memorable and converts highly.


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